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Village Committees

Administration & Finance                                                                                    Parks & Recreation

Paul Block                                                                                                        Chair Serine Petersen
Linda Kizer                                                                                                                  Linda Kizer
Roger Polston                                                                                                            Teresa Havens                                                                                                 
Julie Berry                                                                                                                    Henry Petersen
Terry Stilson

Police, Fire & Rescue                                                                                            Buildings, Grounds, Equipment & Employees

Teresa Havens                                                                                                Chair Henry Petersen
Henry Petersen                                                                                                          Paul Block
Serine Peterson                                                                                                         Roger Polston

Streets & Sidewalks                                                                                            Health & Safety 
Henry Petersen                                                                                              Chair Roger Polston
Serine Petersen                                                                                                         Julie Berry
Teresa Havens                                                                                                          Paul Block

Events & Festivals                                                                                                  Millpond & Dam

Linda Kizer                                                                                                      Chair Bob Jusino
Henry Petersen                                                                                                         Serine Petersen                                                            
Roger Polston                                                                                                           Henry Petersen
Serine Petersen
Julie Berry                                                                       ****Community members are welcome to serve on any of the Committees.  Please call Terry and let her know you
                                                                     are interested and she will put you in contact with the Chairperson!!  We would LOVE your input!

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