Village of Morley
189 S Cass Street
Morley MI 49336

Phone: 231-856-4582
Fax: 231-856-0288

Email: clerk@villageofmorley.com

Thank you for your patience this year as we have had many streets paved and chipsealed. 

We also have contracted our lawn mowing and snow plowing to Heckman & Son. Please be patient with them as they learn our streets, parking lots and methods.

Don't forget, it is illegal to park on streets from 2:00 through 6:00 AM from November 1 through April 1 of each year. This ordinance was inacted so our snow plowing can be accomplished. If you park on the streets during this time, your car may be towed, without warning, and at your expense.

We contract with Republic Services for residential trash service so we can provide our residents with service at a better value. If you wish to receive trash service, you must contract with them. They have a very reasonable bag service also. Please mention that you're under the Village of Morley contract. They can be contacted at 877-698-7274.

Each year, municipalities who receive road monies are required to provide the State with a report. This report is open to the public. Click HERE to review the report.